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Athletic Trainer Salary

Athletic Trainer salary

Athlete Trainers are licensed health care professionals working in collaboration with physicians on preventing, diagnosing and treating individuals suffering from sports related Muscle and bone injuries. With 30% growth in their employability by 2020 this is one of the most emerging medical sectors in the world.

Job Description:

Athletic trainers collaborate and team up with physical therapists, doctors and physiotherapists when athletics have to undergo MRIs, x-rays or surgeries. Although not counted as physicians yet they are responsible for all the basic medical care provided to muscles and bone related patients of all ages.  Mostly they are seen working closely with a sports team and they are the first to respond to incase of field related injuries and provide effective and administer emergency medical care or first aid prior to the arrival of physicians. It’s not mandatory for all Athletic Trainers to work with sports team; they have a wide area of departments to cater to including working with men and women in Military training, Athletics teachers for universities, schools and much more.

Athletic Trainers perform the following duties:

  • They examine the seriousness of any injury to determine whether a physician’s help is needed or a first aid help will do the needful in any case of muscle or bone injury.
  • Dressing, Bracing, Tapering and bandaging the injured areas to prevent and treat injuries.
  • Providing referrals to the patients which require Physicians advice.
  • Creating, Developing and Implementing programs and schedules for patients to cure and prevent injuries.
  • Generate healing plans and programs for athletes with injuries to facilitate the strengthening of the affected areas.
  • Evaluation of an athlete’s injuries and ascertain that they are physically fir to resume playing.
  • Coaching and assisting athlete’s on the use of proper and effective usage of equipments.

Athletic Trainer Education, Training and Certification: 

A bachelor’s degree in athletic training at an accredited (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) college or university is required. Sports Athletic Trainers must possess a master’s degree preferably in nutrition, physiology, biomechanics or anatomy.

Clinical training and experience is also mandated as a part of athletic trainer education as a proper field work experience to tackle real life situation on field and in practice are witnessed and prepares a student to understand them well.

Athletic trainers are mandated to appear for the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers in order to start their practice as Athletic trainer. Also the BOC exam has to be cleared following graduation before they can appear for the certification exams offered.


Athletic Trainer Salary: Quick Summary

 Average Athletic Trainer Salary Patterns around the World

  1. 1.    In USA:
Mean Salary Offered $44,010 per year
Salary Offered to top 10% $64,140 per year
Salary Offered to Bottom 10% $25,960 per year
Job Generation in the Year 2012 20,780


The mean salary offered Athletic Trainers is 44,010$ per year which means working at a wage of 19$ per hour. The top of the line 10% athletic trainers make 64,140$ per year, providing services at 24$ an hour or more and the bottom 10% make $25,960 per year providing services at 16$ or less.  

  1. 2.    In United Kingdom:
Mean Salary Offered £22,500 per year

 The United Kingdom offers around 22500£ as the median salary to its Athletic Trainers. The hourly rates in UK vary from 6.59£ to 35.59£ for trainers. Trainers with less than 3 years of experience are averaging at £17,000 and trainers with 4+ years of experience earn £21,600 per year.

  1. 3.    In Canada:
Mean Salary Offered C$37,700 per year

Canadian athletic trainers should fetch home an average wage of C$37,700. Also the hourly wages for Athletic trainers vary from 7.55C$ to 42.78C$ depending upon the type of industry trainers choose to work with and also their work experience.

  1. 4.    In Australia:
Mean Salary Offered               AU$49,500per year

Australian athletic trainers can anticipate an average/standard annual salary of AU$49,500.  The Australian athletic trainers bag between the healthy range of 36,000AU$ to 75,500AU$ depending upon the area of work and environment they choose to work in. trainers more metro-centric cities earn higher wages.

Conclusion for Athletic Trainer Jobs:

It is visible from the data that Athletic trainers have a healthy salary range and pay rate as compared to the average of all other occupation which is around $33,840. The athletic Trainers have a healthy average of 41,600$ and the projected growth in this sector ensures its sustenance at a rate of 30% by the year 2020.