Physiatrist and job description

Physiatrist salary and job description

The specific branch of medicine that specializes in the analysis, cure and supervision of diseases. When applying for physiatrist job; first one needs special skills in clinical and diagnostic use of physical agents. Finally, be able to prescribe and administer treatment, using therapeutic methods.

Job Description:

What does a physiatrist do? They are physicians that are dedicated to the use of actual agents and exercise to cure sufferers. Their mode of therapy is non-surgical and relies primarily on actual treatments. They are dedicated to non-surgical actual medicine. Their primary sufferers are those with actual problems. Physiatrists diagnose and cure accidents and circumstances.

They often work with a team and the individual to offer personalized treatments for the individual. The aim of therapy is to offer improved total well being for their individual. The scope of therapy may involve working to improve every aspect of the individual’s lifestyle. Some common circumstances that a physiatrist may cure include brain and backbone accidents, stroke and extensive burns. They may also cure spine and other workplace injuires and other bone and joint circumstances.

Physiatrist typically performs the following duties:

  • 1) Specializes in clinical and diagnostic use of physical agents and exercises to provide physiotherapy for physical, mental, and occupational rehabilitation of patients: Examines patient, utilizing electrodiagnosis and other diagnostic procedures to determine need for and extent of therapy. 
  • 2) Prescribes and administers treatment, using therapeutic methods and procedures, such as light therapy, diathermy, hydrotherapy, iontophoresis, and cryotherapy. 
  • 3) Instructs PHYSICAL THERAPIST and other personnel in nature and duration or dosage of treatment, and determines that treatments are administered as specified. 
  • 4) Prescribes exercises designed to develop functions of specific anatomical parts or specific muscle groups. 
  • 5) Recommends occupational therapy activities for patients with extended convalescent periods and for those whose disability requires change of occupation.

Physiatrist Education, Training and Certification:

  • Physiatrists are doctors and must therefore finish school of medicine. The first thing in becoming a physiatrist is to obtain an undergrad level from an approved school or college. Your concentrate should be on pre-med or other technology related topics.
  • After acquiring your bachelor’s level, the next phase is to get into school of medicine. You need to be confessed into and finish a 4-year approved healthcare level program.
  • After finishing school of medicine, you will take a one season internship followed by three years of residence training in physiatry.
  • All declares require physiatrists to be certified before they can practice.

Physiatrist Salary: Quick Summary

Physiatrist Salary Patterns around the World

  1. 1.    In USA:
Mean Salary Offered $2,07,000 per year
Salary Offered to top 10% $3,05,000 per year
Salary Offered to Bottom 10% $1,30,000 per year
Job Generation b/w 2010-2020 24%


  1. 2.    Physiatrist Salaries in Other Countries (UK, Canada and Australia)
Average Salary Offered C$1,85,000 per year


Average Salary Offered £94,000 per year

(United Kingdom)

Average Salary Offered $1,15,000 per year


Conclusion for an Physiatrist Job:

The growth rate for this profession is 24 % by the end of this decade and also this profession’s average mean salary is around 8 times the average mean salary for the total of all occupations. The demand will increase much more in future.