Orthotists & Prosthetist salary


Orthotists & prosthetists perform a very significant role in medical science. Both of their working domains are related to an extent but their functions vary from each other in a few ways. They deal with designing, constructing & fitting medical equipments such as braces, correctional shoes and artificial limbs. It is one of the most dynamic professions in present day healthcare system.

Job Description

Orthotists are responsible for the creation of custom made medically supported equipments that are remedial in nature. They deal with injuries that can be cured over a long time period with the help of such devices.  Orthotists provide braces and special shoes to cure patients suffering from various deformities and discrepancies in physical movements. Prosthetists, on the other hand come into the foray when there is a need of artificial limbs or hands by patients who have lost their body parts in accidents, amputations or were born handicapped. Prosthetists oversee this overall process of designing, preparation, and fitting of such prosthetic organs. Both orthotists and prosthetists have to maintain extreme caution and attention to detail in their respective duties, since any miscalculation can result in adverse consequences further deteriorating the Patient’s condition.

Orthotics & Prosthetists perform the following duties:

  • Obtaining proper measurements of all the patients and determining the right kind of equipment model that is suitable and will be best in the given circumstance.
  • Creation of the equipments/prosthetic body organs especially custom made with the measurement of the patient.
  • Procuring clearance and certification from the doctors showing them the created materials.
  • Implanting and trying the equipments with the patients and checking for perfect fittings.
  • Redressing grievances of the patients in case of difficulties in functioning and complaints of non fittings etc.
  • Dispatching reports to the concerned physicians after completion of project.

Orthotists & Prosthetists Education, Training and Certification: 

All the persons who aspire to become orthotists & prosthetists must possess a Master’s degree in orthotics and prosthetics. The courses involve a substantial amount of clinical knowledge, which is imparted under the expert supervision of professionals. Generally a bachelor’s degree in science and mathematics gets better preference while getting selected for the Master’s degree course. The two year Master’s program is completed after the final exam which is regulated by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC). The certificate is awarded by the ABC after passing the examination after a one year compulsory residency in any one of the disciplines. Analytical skills, presence of mind, attention to detail and a meticulous mindset is necessary to attain the required skill set for this industry. 

Orthotists & Prosthetists Salary: Quick Summary

Average Athletic Trainer Salary Patterns around the World

  1. 1.    In USA:
Mean Salary OfferedHighest 10%Lowest 10% $71,000 per year$112,680 per year$34,580 per year

The mean salary offered to orthotists & prosthetists is 71000$ per year which means working at a wage of 34.13$ per hour. The top of the line 10% orthotists & prosthetists make 112,680$ per year, providing services at 54.17$ an hour or more and the bottom 10% make $34,580 per year providing services at 16.62$ or less.

2.    Highest Paying Cities in USA:

Providence, MaDayton, OHNew Orleans, LA

Los Angeles, CA

Indianapolis, IN

$112,250 per year$106,130 per year$105,900 per year

$103,000 per year

$94,050per year

 The highest paying cities in the USA is topped by Providence, and then gradually followed by other cities such as Dayton and New Orleans.

3.    Highest Paying States in USA:

Rhode Island 


New York


New Hampshire

$112,250 per year

$89,730 per year

$54,520 per year

$81,250 per year

$78,450 per year

 The highest paying state in the USA is Rhode Island and Louisiana and New York are in second and third places respectively.

4.    States With Highest Employment Level of Orthotists & Prosthetists:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • California
  • Michigan
  • Georgia

The state in USA with highest employment level is Florida. Other states such as Illinois and California are also not far behind.

Conclusion for Orthotist & Prosthetist Jobs:

The industry is expected to maintain a 12% growth rate in the future. The industry will witness a period of growth is from 2010 from 2020. Within this ten year time period, the jobs are expected to increase from approximately 6300 to 7000. This is very significant in terms of industry growth rate and in terms of more participation of professionals. The challenging nature of this industry has the potential to draw dedicated students and fresher population to contribute towards the expansion in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.