Secretary Salary

salary secretaryBasic Secretary  Salary Information:

The secretary salary depends on a lot of factors, but in general the salary can range from $17,238 – $37,082.A secretary does a lot of different sort of jobs. They have clerical duty, administrative duty and they help to maintain balance and smoothness in the operation of his or her boss. Secretaries’ work in nearly every form of industry, therefor there is a huge demand for such jobs. The job outlook for the profession of secretary is quite high at about 12%. This makes it an average salary of about $24,508. The salary differs from state to state and this is shown in the table below.

State Hourly Rate
Pennsylvania $8.32 – $17.60
Texas $7.84 – $15.30
California $9.00 – $27.41
Ohio $8.16 – $12.82
Michigan $7.57 – $17.39
Florida $10.00 – $15.00
Tennessee $9.57 – $11.70

Location is not the only factor. Secretaries have to be efficient and effective, and the thing that helps in being so is experience. Therefore, secretary salary also scales quite well as you get more experienced. How much does a secretary make is shown in table below:

Experience Hourly Rate
Less than a year $9.75 – $14.50
1 to 4 years $8.10 – $13.74
5 to 9 years $9.45 – $16.40
10 to 19 years $8.82 – $17.09
More than 0 years $9.45 – $24.47

Factors that impact how much does a Secretary make:

How much does a Secretary make is often compared to the salary of a CookSalary of a secretary depends on a lot of factors. Industry setting, employee type, contribution to the job, experience, educational level, all comes into play when determining the total salary. First and foremost, there are various types of secretaries, legal secretaries, executive secretaries and medical secretaries. They each have their own Pay scale. Then comes industry setting, depending on the type of industry you work in you will get paid differently. Working in a church will see you earning $9.97 – $15.95 whereas working in health care can see you earning $9.87 – $22.91.

Education also is a big factor. The higher you’re educational level, the more competent you are at handling the workload. Having higher certification also means that you can help to take some workload off your boss and do it yourself. This will show you to be dominant and ambitious, increasing your salary and probably even get you a promotion.

Secretary is a job mostly taken by females. This a good job, with a clean and peaceful environment with a very good salary.