Teacher Salary

teacher salaryBasic Teacher  Salary Information:

A teacher salary is at around $35,672. Being a teacher can be a very self-gratifying profession. You get to bestow your knowledge on the younger generation and help them grow up to be the future of this world. Teachers are said to the Second parent of a student, and that’s true on all accords. A teacher has just as much hand on a child’s future as a parent. But, how much does a teacher make ?  However, this salary varies from state to state. Below is a table showing some of the top paying states for this job.


Average  Teacher Salary







New York


New Jersey






The above tables show that the top paying state for teachers is New Jerseys. This table was updated in 25 July 2013, so the findings are quite recent. The income always changes depending on the years of experience a teacher has. This plays a very important factor when it comes to teachers. The table below will illustrate this change in detail.


Average Teacher Salary

Less than a year


1 to 4 years


5 to 9 years


10 to 19 years


More than 20 years


As you get more experienced the salary increases by a lot. This is mainly due to the fact that teachers have to know the personality of the students and a certain pattern to tech effectively. This can only be learned as you teach, and not through anywhere else.

Factors that impact how much does a Teacher make:

How much does a teacher make  is often compared to the salary of a Flight Attendant. There are a lot of other factors that affect the income of a teacher other than experience and geographical location. Education is one of those factors. The number of degrees or certification you have directly influences your salary. If you have a higher degree you will be able to attract a higher salary than other teachers. Also industry setting is bug thing. By industry setting what I am trying to is the class you tech in. A teacher who teaches university students will definitely earn more than a teacher who teaches kinder garden students. Then there are the subjects that you teach. Science is a lot in demand nowadays. Therefore a science teacher will earn generally more than an arts teacher. This however depends on the demand of a subject in a particular state or a country.

Being a teacher can make you feel really good about yourself. When you see a student become really great in his career, you will know that you had a hand in that. It also pays a quite a lot and is not a hard working job where you have to work in dangerous environment, making it a great job.