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Travel Agent Salary

travel agent salaryBasic Travel Agent Salary Information:

The  travel agent salary is $34,750. A travel agent is an individual who works to assist clients in finding and creating the best travel plans. It is his or her job to take the stress away from people who are trying to plan a vacation, business trip, etc. A travel agent may work solo or for a travel agency. One will get a different salary that the other. In general a travel agent earns anywhere from $23,351 – $49,450. This varies depending on the demand of the profession on a certain area. Suppose if you live in a country like Bangladesh, you might not earn enough to go travelling, let alone hire a travel agent.

State Average Range of Travel Agent Salary
New York $29,067 – $56,289
Florida $25,760 – $46,168
Texas $29,445 – $57,812
California $24,083 – $54,631
Illinois $21,532 – $49,665
New Jersey $20,273 – $51,289
Pennsylvania $26,451 – $48,404
Experience Average Range of Salary
Less than a year $25,000 – $42,300
1 to 4 years $20,426 – $43,278
5 to 9 years $22,000 – $51,352
10 to 19 years $28,118 – $50,984
More than 20 years $28,903 – $53,756

The first table above shows how much does a Travel agent make  in the  United States of America. New York pays the most for the job; this means the demands of this job is really high in the state of New York.

The second table shows the difference in salary as you get more experienced. You can see that the more experienced you get, the more you earn. This is because as you get more experienced you have a lot of connections in all parts of the worlds. This helps you top get your customers access to travel to everywhere in the world and at the lowest rate possible.

Other Factors and Influences that determine travel agent salary:

There are various other factors that affect the travel agent salary, other than geographical location and experience. The first of these factors are industries. Some of the most popular industries are:

  • Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services – $23,574 – $48,998
  • Travel Agency – $26,188 – $51,547
  • Adventure Travel Tours – $19,693 – $45,881
  • Tour Operator – $21,193 – $45,611
  • Financial Services – $25,203 – $52,371

Education is also a factor as you have to deal with a variety of people. Education lets you handle the customers and the business well. Some of the best degrees for this profession are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – $22,148 – $49,665
  • Associate’s Degree – $26,356 – $49,106
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Tourism & Travel – $24,600 – $51,800

There are also specialty and employee type that affect the salary, but they are not that dominant is this regard.

The average salary of Travel Agent  is often compared to the salary of a Yoga Instructor. The salary of a travel agent is really great in contrast to its workload. It is a good job to consider at the end of the day.