Ultrasound Technician

ultrasound technician

Basic Information about Ultrasound Technicians

Another name for ultrasound technicians are diagnostic medical sonographers. This field among the medical profession is a very interesting one, with diverse areas to venture into. A lot of people are familiar with issues relating to pregnancy, as the major role of these ultrasound technicians, but there is more to it. Ultrasound technicians make use of sonograms, to examine conditions like breast tissue, ligaments, spinal cord, tendons, brain, and organs that are located in the abdominal region.

The job of the ultrasound technician is more than what most people think, which is just producing images. As far as the profession is concerned, it is the duty of an ultrasound technician, to prepare patient for procedure by interacting with them and also ensuring that they remain in good state before procedure commences. As an ultrasound technician it is a must for you to know how to recognize images that are normal and abnormal. Another very important and regular task of the ultrasound technician is to carefully analyze information from patient’s diagnosis and send it to the physician.

Ultra sound technicians work in hospitals, laboratories as well as the offices of physicians; but before you can function as an ultrasound technician, you need to earn some qualification as well as certification.

Job description and working conditions

Ultrasound technicians or sonographers on like other aspect of the medical profession, offers opportunity for one to specialize. Their job in the medical field is to determine the medical challenges of patients or track issues relating to health. They do this by working with specialized equipment, which they are trained to operate.They also work closely with physicians to interpret images that they have created concerning a patient’s medical condition.

There are a lot of opportunities an ultrasound technician can pursue in this medical profession. He or she can decide to go for diagnostic cardiac and medical sonography, or vascular technology. Just as the name implies, vascular technology is concerned with using sound waves to study the arteries and veins of patients.

Diagnostic cardiac sonography, which an ultrasound technician can venture into, is particularly concerned about the heart. It is concerned with the use of sound waves to study the heart. The diagnostic cardiac sonography is divided sub-divided into disciplines such as; adult, fetal as well as pediatric echocardiography. Another area of specialization is the diagnostic medical sonography. It involves capturing the images of different parts of the human body, through the use of sound waves. The diagnostic medical sonography also has sub-disciplines. They are fetal echocardiography, neurosonology, obstetric, breast, abdominal and gynecologic sonography,

  • Work conditions

Working indoors in a room where everything which includes the cleanliness as well as temperature being monitored,describes the condition of work for these technicians.Working outdoors pose a lot of difficulty which includes taking care of the extremes of weather. You may discover that most ultrasound technician wear sweaters or shirts underneath their hospital scrubs; this is because some equipment they make use of requires the temperature of the room to be kept a little bit cooler than the normal.

The job of the technician is a very exciting one. They may be required to carry out sonograms in operating room or birthing room, or at the bedside of patients or emergency room; they may come in contact with bones, blood and others. As an ultrasound technician, you would have to deal with all the things you come across while working, as a professional. Most ultrasound technicians like to just specialize in one area, instead of handling every procedure. You see that sometimes scans may be required in settings like medical vans, out-patient centers, and physician’s office. When working as an ultrasound technician, there would be some days where you just want to get everything done. Most times, the technician may just have few cases on schedule to attend to; this is the right time for him or her to tidy up the patient’s room, since there are no much cases to attend to.

You come in contact with a lot of people, working as a technician. You may contract some diseases, a bacterial infection or maybe a virus. This may result from patients you are working on.You should understand how to limit your contacts with fluids or blood from your patients as well as diseases. You must keep yourself safe as well as your patients. You must be extra careful in handling any material, wear gloves, and also adhere strictly to standard sterile procedures. You should also ensure to keep every material as well as your tables completely clean and germ free.

Education, Training and Certification

There are various institutions such as colleges as well as universities, offering bachelor’s and associate degree programs in sonography, which student needs to complete. Colleges and hospitals also have one-year certificate program but it is only relevant to you when you are already working in related healthcare sector. People prefer to employ those that already possess the degree in this field.

Programs in sonography education,usually involve course in anatomy, applied science and medical terminology.High school students, making plansto study the course must be good in subjects like Mathematics, sciences particularly computer as well as physics.

People who work in related fields like a radiation therapists may after receiving training on the job from their employers, become a diagnostic medical sonographer, technician or a cardiovascular technologists.

After students have passed out from any degree program, there are certificate examination they are required to pass, which are ARDMS and ARRT. Their full meaning are American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and while the latter means American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The exams students can take are many, it all depends on the area they have specialized in. Employers prefer technicians who have done their exams and are now certified as RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer). These are the kind of people they prefer to offer jobs to.


The average salary of the ultrasound technician in the year 2015 is $68,900. It all depends on the technician’s location of work. For instance, the pay of those in the metropolitan are higher than those that are working in the rural areas. Also those working in the hospitals, receive higher salary than those in the physician’s office. Source: about-salary.com/ultrasound-technician-salary

In addition to being a career with high pay, it is expected that sonography would become the fastest growing occupation in years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics have predicted an increase in job in this field, to be 18% in the year 2015. The increase would be due to all round growth in the healthcare industry as the population grows;diagnostic imagine would be required by a lot of people.

Hospitals would still remain the largest employer of these technicians, but opportunities would be available in outpatient care facilities. Sonographers with accredited degrees, with credentials that are recognized would have great job opportunities.