Waitress Salary

waiter salaryBasic Waiter Salary Information:

The job a waitress is pretty easy. You don’t need a high qualification to apply for the job. You just need to be hard working and attentive and remember the orders correctly. Some of the things that you need are a fun and outgoing personality, comfortable moving fast, having a lot of patience and knowing how to multitask. The salary of a waitress is on an hourly basis. You get paid depending on the amount of hours you work and if you are good at it, then hopefully you will get a lot of tips. This wage rate varies from state to state.


Average Waiteress Range of Waiter Salary


$5,872 – $37,233


$8,144 – $103,042

New York

$8,656 – $77,566


$15,200 – $30,968


$14,625 – $49,505

New Jersey

$11,000 – $29,492


$9,500 – $26,400

The Above table represents the top paying states for Waitress. As you can see, the salary is not that bad and gets really high, even crossing $103,043.That’s a lot. The salary also changes due to the experience one has. As you get more experience, you earn a lot more.  How much does a waitress make is shown in table below: 


Average Salary Range of a year

Less than 1 year

$6,183 – $47,180

1-4 years

$5,403 – $40,851

5-9 years

$9,123 – $47,344

10-19 years

$10,476 – $48,980

20 years or more

$11,353 – $75,000

 Factors that impact how much does a Waiter make.:

The average Waitress salary is often compared to the salary of a Secretary. Believe it or not, personality can be a really big factor in this job. This is because a lot of the money that a waitress gets comes from tips. You generate more tip if you have a good personality and your customer likes you. It also matter if you are good looking to some extent. Secondly, experience is a really huge factor as being a waitress is not all that easy. You need to do a lot of things at the same time and meet with a lot of different sorts of people. This requires a certain level of patience and understanding that only comes from experience.  Lastly what matter is the type of place you are working in. Food services give a higher salary of $49,500, where as a nightclub or a bar give a salary of $35,000. Restaurants gives a salary of $37,000.

Overall Waitressing is not the job for everybody. Not everyone can handle the constant smile on their face and deal with all sorts of people. But if you outgoing and fun and likes to meet new people, this can be your job.