Walmart Manager

walmart manager

Basic Information about Walmart Managers

For individuals who have great interpersonal skills, and will also like to work in a place, where they have the opportunity to relate with diverse group of people, then working in Walmart will be very convenient for you. For you to work in this retail company, you do not need to have any specific educational level, especially for casual workers. Although, about 40% of retail managers, working in Walmart, possesses high school diploma, 26% have maybe a college or no degree, while 15% possesses an associate degree. You need to know how to read and write properly, and also have some basic mathematical abilities. These are some of the basics you need to have, working in Walmart. Walmart offers great opportunity for career advancement; most of the managers you see working there today, actually started at the junior level. Having some experience in retail, can also be a plus, but it is not a requirement; candidates with management experience, going for the position of a manager, may stand out from the crowd of applicants.

For an ideal Walmart manager, he or she must have an effective oral and written communication skills, with an excellent time management ability. The candidate must have some understanding of basic store operations as well as resource management. Prospective managers should also have good listening ability; the managers active listening and social perceptiveness will assist him or her to understand and also solve employees and customer related concerns. Individuals going for this position should also have a sound mathematical as well as deductive reasoning ability that would help out, to solve problems that may arise everyday. Above all, the leadership and teamwork abilities of the prospective candidate, would help her to create a great work environment. How long does it take to become Walmart Manager ?

There are a lot of many entry level jobs in Walmart that consist of activities that are not in any way strenuous, and are also safe. Examples of these duties are stocking shelves, changing of price label, and working cash registers. For individuals with modest credentials, you can gain good work experience with these jobs, which you can use to get a higher paying job.

Walmart managers spends plenty of time, making sure that operations in the front store is carried out properly. He or she ensures that changes for cashiers are provided, carryout audits of register and also prepares cash register. Whenever customers have any complaint regarding an item’s price or even an advertisement, it is the manager’s duty to address those concerns, in accordance with the policies of Walmart. The manager may also train new employees, provide solution to any register shortages and approve checks and bank cards.

As a manager in Walmart, you would be required to show some examples that other employees would follow. You will need to practice the right safety protocollike proper lifting techniques, as well as removal of spills and debris from register areas.

Job Description and working conditions

The job of a Walmart manager is to oversee operations in various departments at retail locations, sales as well as customer service duties. In addition, they hire, train, and also supervise and schedule employees. Other job duties includes, administrative tasks, like, tracking and analyzing sales, communicating with other Walmart corporate offices and ordering of inventory. A diploma from high school may be necessary for employment consideration, in this managerial position. Most importantly, prospects must show leadership, organizational and excellent communication abilities.

Walmart offers a great opportunity for growth. It depends on how hard working and dedicated individuals are. You can work your way up to any management level. If you are employed as an assistant manager, with experience and dedicated years of work, you can be promoted to the next position. The work environment of Walmart is always clean, with nice and friendly co-workers, and also very busy most of the times.In most cases, you will not be sitting down, as the job often times requires you to monitor other staffs as a manager, and make sure that they perform their duties properly.

Working as a Walmart manager can be very challenge but also rewarding. Here, you get to meet different types of customers, with different personality. You will have to deal with great customers as well as unruly ones. This is what makes your job unique. Do not forget that this is a retail/customer based employment, so interacting with people are one of the things you will come across in your daily endeavors.

Education, training and certification

There are minimum requirements for applicants who are going for position of store manager in Walmart. He or she must meet the minimum age and educational requirements. Walmart may also require qualifications like a college degree for employment consideration in this managerial role, as well as many years of experience working in Walmart stores or as a manager. A lot of managers that you see working in Walmart today, started their career there as entry level staffs.

Once new staffs are hired in Walmart, they will be trained by the company for a period of about 8 weeks. For top managerial position, most of the training would include how to bring out the best in people, including employees working under you, and also to enhance your interest in working for the company.You do not require any special license to be eligible to work as a manager in Walmart.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States of America, managers at Walmart can earn between US$50,000 and US$170,000 yearly. The salary of managers also depend on the years of experience of the manager, geographical location of work. For other levels, walmart manager salary would depend on position.

Job Growth and Career outlook

The growth for this occupation is projected to be slower than the average, when you compare it to what is expected in other occupations. It is projected that, from now till 2020, the growth rate is expected to rise between 3 to 9%, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.