Wedding Planner Salary

 wedding planner salaryBasic Wedding Planner Salary Information:

Wedding Planner salary start from $18,000 to as high as $114,400. That’s a lot and it brings it to an average of $40,000. The role of a Wedding Planner is to arrange everything that to do with a wedding. The wedding planner takes the idea from the Bride and the Groom and brings it to life for his or her clients. A wedding planner is a facilitator, money manager and a constructor of dreams. And for this you get can get from $18,000 to as high as $114,400. That’s a lot and it brings it to an average of $40,000. On top of that the Job outlook of wedding planner is really high and quite in demand. The Job Outlook is at 44 percent which is much, much faster than the average. How much does a wedding planner make is shown in table below:


Average Range of  Yearly Salary


$55,616 – $83,425


$76,663 – $114,995

New York

$78,707 – $118,061


$99,000 – $148,500


$72,948 – $109,423


$71,949 – $107,924


$105,284 – $157,927

As you can see from the table above the Wedding Planner salary is quite high. It goes even higher if you are a professional wedding planner and have been in the business for more 5 years.

Experience speaks for itself as will be shown in the table below:


Average Hourly Wage

1-4 years

$11.00 – $25.00

5-9 years

$15.00 – $65.00

10-19 years

$19.65 – $35.61

The table above shows that the hourly wage falls after you have 20 years of experience. This has a lot of reason. Firstly being a wedding planner is not easy, you have to keep tabs on everything and make sure everything goes as plan. This cannot be achieved by someone old. Also, people these days want their wedding planner to be of a younger age, as they believe it will give them a better understanding of what the bride or the groom wants.

Other Factors and Influences that determine wedding planer salary:

Location is the first and foremost factors when to come to wedding planning salary. A wedding planner living in New York will always earn more than one living in Wyoming. Also, the job varies from person to person. A wedding planner who is planning the wedding of a celebrity will also always earn more than some arranging a normal wedding. This is where experience and comes in. If you have a good reputation and is well known, you will be consulted by some of the biggest name sin the world today to arrange their weddings. A wedding planner must also have adequate staff to deal with more than one wedding occurring at the same time. As reputation will grow, more orders will pour in. A business must increase it staff accordingly to make more money.

The average salary of Wedding Planner  is often compared to the salary of a Marketing Manager. Overall Wedding planner is a glamorous job, that will excite everyone and also have you living like a princess or prince if you know how to do it right.