Welder Salary

welder salaryBasic Welder Salary Information:

There are various types of work that a welder has to do. Among this are Conducting Inspections, Specializing in Different areas of Welding, Using mechanized systems and metal inert gas welding, performing hand welding, analyzing engineering drawings and lastly cutting and joining materials. This is a lot of work for one man, and for doing this you get a average welder salary of around $36,633. This salary varies on the level of experience you have and the location you are working in. This job also has a high growth rate at 15% which is higher than the average Job outlook. How much does a welder make is shown in table below:


Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage 







District of Columbia









The first table shows the top paying states for the profession of welding. It varies from state to state, but the highest salary can be found in the state of Alaska. In the second table you can see that increase in salary as welder gets more experienced.


Average Welder Salary

1-4 years

$16,200 – $52,381

5-9 years

$21,699 – $61,825

10-19 years

$23,672 – $76,026

20 years or more

$22,500 – $86,150

Factors that impact how much does a Welder make:

Being a Welder requires a lot of skills and they directly affect your salary. Among these skills are:

• Working unsupervised
• Preserving through difficult jobs
• Being deft and coordinated
• Maintaining good eye sight
• Maintaining accuracy
• Time and project management
• Being professional and responsible

Factors that impact how much does a welder make is often compared to the salary of a Plumber. This all affect you salary and the better you are at these, the more you will earn. Secondly a lot of welders get in to the job as a apprentice. This requires you to have a Basic High school diploma. However, having a higher level of certification can ensure better employment and higher salary. One other factor that affect you salary is your field of expertise. A Metal Inert Gas welder earns $69,531 whereas an Arc Welder earns $71,000.

Verdict on Welder Salary:

Welding is a job of finesse. The more precise you are, the better your pay. This can increase even more with your skill level, your education and your field of expertise. If you are a high school graduate and is looking for a good paying job, this is the job for you.