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Why is it that so many people are running after money these days? A society has need for science as much as it does for literature. Without literature, without art, without writers and poets and artists, a society is in the Dark Ages. It was art and literature that defined one of the most vital points of human history, Renaissance. Without the words of a poet, a society is deaf. Without the vision of a writer, a society is blind. If u understand this concept and in keeping with them, want to become the famous Booker prize winning author of a novel, be sure to pick writing a book as your career. Become a writer.

The earnings of a successful writer may be counted in millions, but to get there, one has to go through a lot of thick and thin. One cannot expect that one’s book will simply get published by a publishing company. To get to that level, it will take many years of hard work. But in these years, you will also need a job that supports you financially. Many famous writers have had multiple jobs before they became famous after writing a book. These include writing for magazines, newspapers, advertisements, writing for content on TV as well as songs and, even, poster designing.

The average pay one may expect to get, if one’s profession is writing a book, is about $55,420 per year. But the job outlook, unfortunately, is very low at about 6%. Which one has to work very hard very one finds a proper job.

The following table shows how much does a writer make in US :


Writer Salary per  annum/USD



District of Columbia


New York






We can see from the table that the highest paying state in the US for writers is California with an annual pay of $97,700.

The experience that a writer has in his or her field of work also significantly affects their wage. A writer will be considered to be more technically capable if one has more years of writing behind them. The following table illustrates the effect of years of experience on the salary of a writer:

Years of experience

Pay range

1-4 $16,000 to $42,935
5-9 $19,653 to $61,042
10-19 $39,305 to $61,674

The  Writer salary is often compared to the salary of a Teacher . Many other factors such as the size and fame of the organization that a person is currently working for, the type work a person is actually doing and perks and benefits enjoyed by a person also affect their final salaries.

So, will you choose to be a writer?